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Dragonfly Aromatherapy Pendant

Dragonfly Aromatherapy Pendant

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Conceived during a late summer afternoon walk, the aromatherapy dragonfly pendant carries with it a promise of transformation. The dragonfly symbolizes change rooted in maturity and a deeper understanding of life. It is believed that dragonflies can travel between dimensions and are messengers of dreams and illusions.

As an artist, the designer thrives on change and believes in the power of dreams to build a deeper understanding. The aromatherapy collection was a natural fit for the dragonfly design as scent has a powerful ability to transform the moment.

Carry a hint of a soothing scent everywhere you go - this stainless steel necklace design features a beautifully adorned round locket that carries a porous lava touchstone - just add a drop of your favourite essential oil to carry your favourite scent with you throughout the day.

A fresh and modern dragonfly design accented with sweet flowers adorns the surface of the locket.

This spherical pendant features a hinged clasp on the side to open the piece and remove or replace the scent sphere: the pendant measures about 41mm in total height (including the intricate bail) and 28mm across the widest point.

The necklace includes a 34" stainless steel rope chain that fastens via a lobster claw clasp.

Included is one lava touchstone: a porous material perfect for containing and releasing your favourite essential oil: the sphere measures about 22mm in diameter and can be removed completely from the locket.

Lava touchstones are perfectly sized and conditioned to fit inside the locket and to work with aromatherapy oils.

Use the locket with any of your favourite essential oils (not included) - our designers recommend that you unlock the locket, remove the lava touchstone, add a single drop of your desired scent, and let the lava stone sit for up to 15 minutes to soak up the oil: gently wipe away any excess oil remaining on the surface, lock your scent sphere in the locket and enjoy throughout your day.

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