Collection: Ammolite Gems

Investment ammolite is high grade ammolite that comes with a certificate of grading that lists the particulars of each specimen as evaluated by a graduate gemologist. 

Silver Anvil's graduate gemologists have partnered with the premier ammonite mine in Southern Alberta with an exclusive supply of their finest ammonite specimens and ammolite gems.

Ammolite Gems


Found in the Bearpaw rock formation in the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains, Ammolite is a stunningly unique iridescent gemstone that originates with prehistoric ammonites that became extinct at the end of the Mesozoic era – about 66 million years ago. They are mined in a 5 acre region of Southern Alberta, Canada.

Collected around the globe for its unique and stunning beauty, these pieces are large, display pieces that will be enjoyed and appreciated for generations to come.