Wax Carving

Wax Carving

Wax carving is traditional method of jewellery making that allows for beautiful customization and incredible detail. After carving your wax, you create a mold than you can then use to make multiple pieces of the same jewellery.

Why wax carving is awesome:

  • inexpensive – you are working with wax, not silver or gold so it is relatively inexpensive.
  • forgiving – you can cut away and add wax back on if you aren't happy
  • different effects - you can carve away or build up by adding dots, lines or textures
  • you can create details to add to finished pieces
  • once your mold is created, you can caste your piece in different metals, multiple times
  • you can create something truly unique
  • it is really fun


Wax rings


At Silver Anvil, your wax carving journey will begin with learning the basics. In the Level 1 class you will familiarize yourself with the tools, materials and basic design concepts. 

Beginner ring carving

When you are ready for a level 2 class, you will learn more complex carving, and design. Freeform and bypass rings will be your focus as you learn about asymmetry vs symmetry and how to set up a more advanced design.

Level 3 gets into ever more advanced carving as you learn about cutouts and creating organic shapes. The principals of designing for stone setting are discussed.

Advanced Ring


There is no end to where wax carving can take you. Pendants, figures and more can be yours to create.

Beginner Wax Carving Set