Healing Stones for the Long Weekend

Choosing a stone for the long weekend depends on what you hope to achieve or focus on during that time. We have picked a handful of our favourite stones

Ultimately, the best stone for your long weekend is one that resonates with your intentions and goals for that time. Trust your intuition and choose the stone that speaks to you the most.

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If you're looking for relaxation and stress relief, amethyst is an excellent choice. It's known for its calming properties and can help promote peace of mind and spiritual clarity.

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For a weekend filled with positivity, abundance, and joy, citrine is a wonderful option. It's often called the "stone of abundance" and is associated with happiness, success, and optimism.

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Rose Quartz

If you plan to spend quality time with loved ones, rose quartz can enhance the energy of love and compassion. It's known as the "stone of love" and can foster harmonious relationships and emotional healing.

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Green Aventurine

For a weekend focused on growth, prosperity, and new opportunities, green aventurine is a great choice. It's believed to bring luck and abundance while encouraging personal growth and development.

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Clear Quartz

If you're seeking clarity, focus, and purification, clear quartz is an excellent companion. It's known as a powerful amplifier of energy and can help clear the mind, enhance concentration, and amplify intentions.

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For a weekend filled with magic, creativity, and inspiration, labradorite is a wonderful stone to work with. It's known for its iridescent flashes of color and is associated with intuition, creativity, and synchronicity.

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