Labradorite Oval Cabochons

Labradorite Oval Cabochons

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Metaphysical Properties

  • Emits a powerful light energy, from planetary sources and beings, to the soul of the user.
  • Used in facilitating astral projection.
  • Stone of transformation and utilization of the subconscious mind.
  • Promotes intellectual, intuitive, and mystical wisdom
  • Stimulates brain, reduces anxiety and stress. Clears, balances, and protects aura.

Chemical Composition:  of the Plagioclase Feldspar Group, a series of mixtures of sodium and calcium aluminum silicates. Also known as Spectrolite.

Hardness: 6

Occurrence: Labradorite is named for Labrador, where it was first discovered. It is also found in Madagascar, India, Newfoundland, Finland, and Russia. Its distinctive flash of iridescent colors is known as “labradorescence.” These beautiful flashes of color change according to the angle of light refraction, and may be blue, green, yellow, and pink, with the majority of the stone itself a dark grey in color.

Corresponding Chakras: Throat

Listing is for 1 cabochon stone. Because they are natural stones, will vary in size and characteristics. They will not match the photo exactly.