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Silver Anvil Rock and Gem



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This stunning ammonite specimen is a luxurious addition to any home or office. Its intricate spirals of organic beauty make it an elegant piece of art, perfect for displaying on a desk or mantel. Its rarity adds to its exclusivity, making it a treasured find for any collector.

7cm x 6cm x 2cm

Metaphysical Properties

  • Ammonites have absorbed cosmic energy over eons of time and help to stimulate the life force.
  • Draws off negative energy.
  • Increase stamina and vitality

Now extinct, the ammonite mollusc was a shelled cephalopod, usually appearing in a coiled, spiral shape. The extinction of ammonites coincided with the extinction of dinosaurs. Ammonites inhabited the world’s oceans and now appear as fossils in marine rocks. Because of their rapid evolution and wide distribution, ammonite fossils provide a useful tool for indexing and dating rocks. It is said that the original discus used by the ancient Greeks in their Olympics was in fact a fossilised ammonite.




Healing Properties

Absorbs or Wards off Negative Energy and Vitality


Chemical Composition

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  • This listing is for the healing stone shown above. The different photos show the different angles. Colours viewed on different monitors may have shade and tone differences from the actual product. 

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