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Colorful Fluorite - Bottle

Colorful Fluorite - Bottle

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This Colorful Fluorite Bottle is the perfect addition to any meditation and healing practice. It contains small fluorite stones that are known to help open the mind to higher guidance and inner truth. With its calming and vibrant colors, this is an ideal choice for those looking to add some tranquility to their space.

This mini gemstone bottle is great for display with your healing stone collection, carry in your pocket for inspiration or make handmade jewelry. Makes a great gift.

The gemstone comes in 3.5 cm x 2 cm wide

Healing Properties:

  • Stabilizing energy
  • Facilitating order, balance and healing
  • Excellent for clarity of mind, objectivity, concentration and meditation
  • Aids in grasping higher, more abstract concepts, and to be discerning as to the truth or reality of a given situation
  • Balances and cleanses intellectual and physical bodies. Strengthens bones and teeth, and is used for dispelling illness in its early stages.
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