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Silver Anvil Tools

Gem Deluxe Tweezers

Gem Deluxe Tweezers

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Gem Deluxe Tweezers are the ultimate tool for handling gemstones with precision and ease. Made to professional standards, these tweezers offer a reliable grip for even the smallest of gemstones, making them ideal for jewelers, gem collectors, and anyone who wants to handle gems with expert precision.

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Silver Anvil tools: designed for efficiency. 

Decades at the bench have given Silver Anvil’s master jeweller the experience and knowledge to know a good tool when he holds one and the importance of using the best. Whether it is the hammer that can strike for just that much longer or the tweezer that holds tension without fail, good tools make a difference in your work and to your body. OEM spec for quality, Silver Anvil tools are the right choice.