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Tibetan Incense Bdellium (Gokul-Resin)

Tibetan Incense Bdellium (Gokul-Resin)

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Anti-inflammatory effects, which can help with arthritis. Believed to ward off negative energy or evil spirits. Skin problems, prevents heart disease and protects from infection.

Bdellium is mainly called Guggulu in sanskrit and is widely used for it’s medicinal properties. Guggulu was burnt to scare off witches or demons. It is also helps to eradicate arthritis, rheumatism and neurological disorders.

  • Handmade in Nepal
  • 30 Sticks
  • 1 incense holder
  • Each stick burns for approximately 60 minutes


Tibetan Incense

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Tibetan Incense, Meditation, Buddhism

Tibetan Incense

Use Tibetan incense for meditation, relaxation and cleansing your environment. With aromas designed to soothe a restless mind, Tibetan incense is perfect for meditation and mindfulness. 

Handcrafted in Nepal, there are 30 sticks that burn for about 60 minutes each. Each package includes a wooden incense holder.